All Saints - History Project (Unfinished)


Client: All Saints


Brief: To illustrate the entirey of All Saints' history using only illustration and a text based script provided.

Epic Videos - Opening Titles


Client: Red Bull Media House


Brief: The task was to create a high energy, impactful opening title sequence for a digital clip show, the breif was open to our interpretation.

World Hepatitis Alliance - Infographic (2009)


Client: Angelic Films / WHA


Brief: To create an engaging, thought provoking infographic using a text only script provided. I had the freedom to create and illustrate the copy as I saw fit.


The film was to be used for the WHA's entry into an awards ceremony, detailing all they had acheived in that year.

Shoot. Edit. Deliver. - Infographic Promo


Client: Angelic Films


Brief: To create an informative infographic piece illustrating the clients selling points for their business.


Text-only script was provided.

Brocade Infographic


Client: Brocade


Brief: Working from an illustrative script, we were tasked to bring it to life following the clients guidelines strictly, adding our own bits of flair to their vision.

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